Vatican 2014-07-02 - Following a second day of discussions by the Council of Cardinals which also includes the participation of the Pope himself, the Director of the Holy See Press Office Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi briefed journalists on how their work is progressing.

Father Lombardi began by saying that the first significant point was that the C8 or Council of Eight Cardinals would become the C9 with the formal inclusion of Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin who already actively participates at the meetings.

He went to say that between Tuesday and Wednesday three issues had so far been covered. First, Father Lombardi said there were two presentations given, one by Cardinal Bertello of matters relating to the Governorate of Vatican City State, and the other a presentation by Cardinal Parolin on matters regarding the Secretariat of State.

Also on the agenda was the issue of the structure of the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) also known as the Vatican Bank.

The Press Office Director stated that with regard to reports in the press in recent days the IOR “is in a time of natural and peaceful transition.” He went on to say that “the contribution of Ernst von Freyberg continues to be deeply appreciated and highly valued, and further clarifications are possible, indeed likely, next week after the meeting of the Council for the Economy on Saturday”.

Father Lombardi announced that a press conference was due to be held next week consisting of several elements that relate to the work done in recent months by the Council, and the outlook on the part of the Secretariat and Council of the Economy and therefore also the development of the IOR.

The Council will continue it’s meetings through to Friday 4th of July continuing their reflections already formulated in the first round of study and review of the different facets of the Roman Curia.