The apostolic vicar of Southern Arabia met with the one Missionary of Charity who survived the terrorist attack on a home for the elderly in Aden, Yemen.

Sister Sally “is doing reasonably well,” said Bishop Paul Hinder. “As one might expect, she is still in a state of shock. She is certainly exhausted by her ordeal, but physically she is OK.”

“She is now safe, it is important to protect her not only from enemies and the memory of this terrible experience, but also from the media, the curious, those who want to get her to make a comment, or tell her story,” he added.

Bishop Hinder said that “both the authorities and ordinary folks [in Yemen] have reached out to us to share our suffering. Except for a few small radical groups, no one dislikes us. However, the latter have guns and are ready to use force.”

The fate of Father Tom Uzhunnalil, a Salesian priest abducted from the home for the elderly, remains unknown, according to an AsiaNews report.